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STPlay Counselling Centre is founded by Ms. Stella W. W. Choy since 2013. The mission statement is to bless others with professional knowledge. Ms. Choy hopes there will be more happy children and families around the world.

Senior Speech Therapist Ms. Stella W. W. Choy has over 17 years of experiences. She has been helping clients from age 1 to 18, as well as adults.

Human consists of emotion, physical and spiritual aspects to make us complete. When our emotion is disturbed, our physical and spiritual health would be affected. Thus it is important to seek help early when we discover problems in our mental health.​

2021 Lego®-Based Therapy groups (School-Based, please contact us)

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Child-Centered as principle, Play Therapy can help handle children's emotional, behavioral, social and attention problems.  

"play is children's most natural language. Toys are their vocabularies."
Axline, 1969;Landreth, 1991

Play Therapy case 1

Dear Ms. Choy,

In these short 10 sessions, I saw my child's obvious progress. Thank you for your understanding, support and...

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