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STPlay's Mission Statement


STPlay Counselling Centre is founded by Ms. Stella W. W. Choy since 2013. The mission statement is to bless others with professional knowledge. Ms. Choy hopes there will be more happy children and families around the world.

Ms. Stella W.W. Choy


Ms Stella Choy graduated from the University of Hong Kong in Bachelor of Speech and Hearing Sciences (Hons.) and Master in Social Sciences (Counselling) with Distinction. She has completed her master-level play therapy and counselling trainings. Stella specialises in children’s language and their psychological, emotional, behavioural and social development. She is the member of The Hong Kong Association of Speech Therapists (HKAST), Hong Kong Professional Counselling Association (HKPCA) and Association for Play Therapy (US/APT).

In the past 19 years, Stella has been working as a Speech Therapist, with play therapy and counselling services added in 2008.  She specialises in Child-Centered Play Therapy and parenting skills. In addition to her speech therapy and counselling trainings, Stella continues her professional development in play therapy, PREPARE/ENRICH marital counselling, Cognitive-Behavioural Therapy, Child-Parent Relationship Therapy, to name just a few.

Stella provides therapies for individuals and families with communication, psychological and emotional problems.  Her expertise is in managing developmental delay or disorder, anxiety, behavioural problems, social withdrawal, attachment problems, attention problems, learning disabilities, and related issues with adoption.

Ms. Stella Choy is fluent in Cantonese, English and Mandarin. She provides consultations and therapies for clients coming from Hong Kong, Taiwan, Mainland China, Singapore, Macau and Europe.

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