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Lego®-Based Therapy

Registration for Build-to-PlayTM Program Professional Training by Speaker Ms. Stella Choy*Face to Face

Build-to-PlayTM Program professional training

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Ms Stella Choy studied Lego®-Based Therapy from Dr. Gina Gomez de la Cuesta at Bricks for Autism at Cambridge University, England in 2017, and returned to Hong Kong to set up Lego®-based therapy groups to improve the social communication skills of children aged 4-12.


Ms Stella Choy 自2020年進行PhD研究,在多個國際學術會議發表其研究成果。

Ms Stella Choy 的PhD研究獲TRiSS頒發Fellowship 獎學金,並發表了三份學術文獻

Lego®-Based Therapy Groups at schools

Effectiveness: In 2008, Cambridge University, UK, studied children aged 6-11 with high-functioning ASD and participated in a 1-hour Lego®-based therapy group once a week for 18 weeks. Social interaction skills and autistic behavior were compared with those of the control group. Significant progress was reported.
Number of students: 3-6 people in a group, the adult-student ratio is 1:3

Date: 2021-2022
Time: 1 hour x10 lessons

Instructor: Lego-based Therapy Facilitator.

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