Lego®-Based Therapy

Registration for 1-Day Brick-by-BrickTM (former name Lego®-Based Therapy) Professional Training by licensed Trainer Ms. Stella Choy*Face to Face

One day Brick-by-BrickTM (former name Lego®-Based Therapy) professional training

14Dec 2021 (Tue)

18Dec 2021 (Sat)

Open for registration now.

This one-day course is suitable for teachers, psychologists, speech therapists, occupational therapists, physical therapists, play therapists, counselors, social workers, nurses, ABA therapists, education professionals, or other professionals to help children or teenagers with communication difficulties.

The course is for professionals and aims to give you all the information you need to set up your own LEGO®-based therapy sessions. You will be given a login to Bricks for Autism* facilitators section of the website which includes practical resources, as well as a certificate of attendance.

*rebranded to Play Included effective March 2021.

We are delighted that all Bricks for Autism training* courses are officially endorsed by Cambridge University's Autism Research Centre.


About our Licensed Trainer

Miss Choy from the STPlay Counseling Centre went to Cambridge University for further studies twice and obtained the Play included commercial license.

This course is recognized as a continuing education course by the Hong Kong Psychological Society, the Hong Kong Association of Physiotherapists, the Hong Kong Association of Speech Therapists, and social workers.


"Thanks Stella for her experience sharing relevant and applicable to our culture"

"Learning the skills of facilitating the group."

"Practical time have the hands-on experience, teach additional thing-Six Bricks."

"Know the flexibility of running the group."

"Very knowledgeable about the subject, discussion, lovely flow, inviting discussion and reflection."

"The thoughtfulness-regard for the individuals in relation to making it clear that they are the 'centre' of the activity-for example-not disassembling the set in their absence."

"professional, friendly and high-quality."

***In the past 15 training sessions, more than 99% satisfaction rate of participants has been obtained. Dr Gina Gomez de la Cuesta comments our training courses as achieving high quality. The Hong Kong Speech Therapist Association thanks us for providing professional training courses***


Ms Stella Choy's training (Cantonese)

​​​​​December 17, 2019 (Tuesday) **FULL**First session** to


December 22, 2020 (Tuesday)** Full! Thank you for supporting ** Fifteenth**



  • The origin and background of Lego®-Based Therapy

  • Hand-on practice

  • Adult facilitator role and adaptation

  • Assessment, effectiveness and academic research

  • Apply to your work

  • Q&A time

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Ms Stella Choy studied Lego®-Based Therapy from Dr. Gina Gomez de la Cuesta at Bricks for Autism at Cambridge University, England in 2017, and returned to Hong Kong to set up Lego®-based therapy groups to improve the social communication skills of children aged 4-12.


In 2019, Ms Stella Choy went to Bricks for Autism at Cambridge University in the UK to study from Dr. Gina Gomez de la Cuesta and officially became the Licensed Bricks for Autism LEGO®-based Therapy Trainer, a qualified training professional.

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In the past two years, Ms Stella made reference to relevant academic research and went to Cambridge, UK for two further studies. In December, she organized Lego®-Based Therapy professional training, so that professionals can obtain professional qualifications and start your Lego®-based therapy groups.

Lego®-Based Therapy Groups at schools

Effectiveness: In 2008, Cambridge University, UK, studied children aged 6-11 with high-functioning ASD and participated in a 1-hour Lego®-based therapy group once a week for 18 weeks. Social interaction skills and autistic behavior were compared with those of the control group. Significant progress was reported.
Number of students: 3-6 people in a group, the adult-student ratio is 1:3

Date: 2021-2022
Time: 1 hour x10 lessons

Instructor: Lego-based Therapy Facilitator.